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Originally Posted by pmerrill
However, just for my info, in order to take advantage of e164, do I have to do it by using services like sipbroker or voxalot or do most VSPs use the service so that I don't have to?
Pretty much any VoIP provider could add ENUM to their service, if they chose to do so. But many still don't for some reason (although the numbers that do use ENUM are slowing rising). So for the time being, using some ENUM enabled service (such as SIP Broker or VoXaLot) is the easiest way for most users to dial numbers.

It's possible to get "customer owned" equipment that will do lookups directly, without going through any VoIP service to dial ENUM. For example, the open source IP-PBX, has direct "built-in" support for ENUM. So with the right equipment, you can do the ENUM lookups directly (and then just have your VoIP equipment make the direct "peer to peer" call shown in the ENUM database). It's just that most "end users" find it easier to use a service like VoXaLot (to make the ENUM calls), than to have to get/use fully ENUM enabled VoIP equipment...
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