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Originally Posted by martin
> 1- will the sipbroker dial plan work or need to be modified

Depends on your needs. The SIP Broker dial plan allows for anonymous ENUM / SIP-Code dialling. With VoXaLot you either have your ATA registered with VoXaLot or set-up VoXaLot as a gateway. See:

> 2- is there a way to add my existing plan to the sipbroker plan to avoid
> pressing # at the end of every dial

The # at the end of every dial from my experience is needed by the pap2 or spa2000

> 3- can a client of voxalot receive calls from the listed sipbroker PSTN
> access numbers? if yes what does the caller has to dial to reach my voxalot > number

*010 <voxalot number>
thanks martin for the info, one more question, if i need to dial german, netherland toll free number as i know it can be reached from FWD, but if i need to dial them from voxalot, how can i do that??

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