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Originally Posted by krisch
Whilst you are are dialing, the Sipura ATA waits a certain amount of time between to digits, before taking into account what you have dialed. The reason for this is allowing your finger finding he next dial button. This time can be set by appropriate configuration of the dial plan, e.g. S1 at the beginning shortens the interdigit timeout to 1 second. Pressing the hash "#" key tells the ATA that it shall proceed immediately, and that it shall send the already dialed sequence. Pressing the hash key at the end of you dial sequence boils down to reducing the time for establishing the call. If you accept a certain increase of the waiting time, you can omit the # key.
Cheers, krisch

Hi Krisch,
Is that the way it should be with all ATAs or just with the SIPRURA ones?
oH BTW could you just have a look at this please?
Thanx a lot!
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