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Originally Posted by zoemcalister View Post
I can't be a 100% sure of course. Maybe Betamax/Delmont decided they needed a service with a friendlier face, I don't know. But the company is definitely in the Netherlands.
FV does not use the same database with user names as Betamax/Delmont does. I registered a username I had used once with Betamax.
The list of resellers, I can reach from my FV account, is a short one, only 7. Four of them I recognized being also a Betamax reseller. Perhaps they all are...
When I bought credit, from Hanstel, I noticed I had to follow another "path" than for the other brands, to make the payment.
Ok, these hardly provide solid evidence for FV being another brand.
Anyway, for now, I'm glad I don't see the FUP exceeded entries anymore.
And the free days: I got 120 for €10 credit.
One more thing regarding FastVoip > how do you properly set up Caller ID in Voxalot?
With all the Betamax providers, I would put my verified phone in +countrycode format under the "From User" tab and it worked every time. This doesn't apply with FastVoip though, as soon as I do that I can't dial out. Right now it only works without caller id and it is a bit inconvenient.

Originally Posted by Willywolly View Post
But how strange that they don't mention how many freedays you get with FV! Neither do they list what their free use policy is (with Betamax it's usually 300 minutes per week per IP). They only mention rates, and the one that are free have a * next to them, but point to nowhere... at least the Betamax providers provide all necessary information up front.

FV makes a shady impression. It would be nice to know with whom they are affiliated exactly. Are they using their own servers, PSTN trunk hardware, etc?
This is FastVoip FUP policy taken from website:

*Calls to phones and mobiles are included in your subscription subject to a fair usage limit of 10,000 minutes per user per month, with a maximum of 6 hours per day. Also, no more than 50 different numbers in total can be called per day."

Not to bad I'd say ....

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