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I can't be a 100% sure of course. Maybe Betamax/Delmont decided they needed a service with a friendlier face, I don't know. But the company is definitely in the Netherlands.
FV does not use the same database with user names as Betamax/Delmont does. I registered a username I had used once with Betamax.
The list of resellers, I can reach from my FV account, is a short one, only 7. Four of them I recognized being also a Betamax reseller. Perhaps they all are...
When I bought credit, from Hanstel, I noticed I had to follow another "path" than for the other brands, to make the payment.
Ok, these hardly provide solid evidence for FV being another brand.
Anyway, for now, I'm glad I don't see the FUP exceeded entries anymore.
And the free days: I got 120 for €10 credit.
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