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Originally Posted by blackbile
Of course I have been using my voip accounts so they are working with ATA devices anyway...
Then I guess I'm very confused about your configuration and how you're trying to utilize it with Web Callback. You first said I was wrong about the possibility of a router issue because you wen't using one ("I dont use router, I try the Web Callback service which doesnt need any hardware device I think, isnt it?"). When you implied you weren't using any hardware device, I assumed you weren't using any ATA devices (ATA's usually don't have their own dedicated Internet connection but instead share the one you use with your PC through a router). I think you need to describe very clearly what resources you actually have and how you're trying to use them with Web Callback.

Keep in mind that Web Callback simply initiates and bridges calls between two VoIP providers that you specify. Except for VoXaLot, FWD, SIP Broker, and ENUM destinations, you must specify a VoXaLot Provider entry that you have created which contains valid SIP credentials.

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