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Originally Posted by blackbile
I tried my sparvoip account (which is the same company) and my phone has rang, I picked up and has rang the called number which was picked up too, but we could not hear anything ...
I've had a lot of experience with this situation over the past week or so. The problem is almost certainly with your router (its firmware, to be more exact). I found that DD-WRT v23 firmware works almost perfectly without any port forwarding. HyperWrt (+tofu13c) firmware without port forwarding exhibits the symptoms you describe. I had to forward both SIP and RTP port ranges to make Web Callback work (with sound) using HyperWRT firmware.

I also have to use a STUN server with my PAP2 with either firmware and must set 'Substitute VIA Addr' to Yes.

I've also experimented with D-Link (DI-524/DI-604) and Belkin (F5D7230-4) routers and come to the conclusion there is no reasonable way to make these work properly with all VoIP capabilities.

The Network Address Translation (NAT) used in most current home routers is just not VoIP friendly. Even the simplest configuration of a single provider with no expectation other than to be able to make and receive a call can be very problematic. If you also want to have multiple providers and things like 3-way calling, call forwarding, Web Call, etc. to work, you may find there's a fair amount of learning and experimentation required in order to be successful.


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