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Originally Posted by tompuppy View Post

I'm having problem with my provider. The Reg. Status is always "Request Sent". I can use this provider for outbound call without any problem. But when I dial my inbound DID number all I got is busy tone. My member ID is 866526.

Please help.

Tom Kao
Who is the provider....?

Req.Sent usually signifies that there is an issue with User/Pass...but the fact that you can make outgoing calls makes that unlikely...

The other possibility is that the provider is responding to the incorrect address ... eg. responding to username-of-provider@VoXalotIP instead of username-of-VoXalot@VoXalotIP

The last thing to try is (if this was just a sudden glitch either on the VoXalot or your provider's side):
-Edit you provider
-Enter a wrong password and resubmit the registration
-This will cause the registration to fail
-Then go back, edit and turn SIP Register Off
-Allow 1-2 hours after you've turned it off
-Go back, re-enter the correct information, turn ON SIP Registration and resubmit
-Hopefully it'll register this time
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