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Default "silence" and "the extension 123456 unavalaible"

Hi all,

Me again

I have a new RTP300 that is a PAP2 W/router. I don't use the router function.
I was configured it using the guide for PAP2 in the FAQ and the Failover implementacion recomended by boatman.

It's works fine, i can make and receive calls without problem, the echo test it's ok, and the stun support works perfect.

Now the problem: Sometimes when i pick up the phone to dial, i only receive silence, no dialtone. I pick my cellphone test and dial to my did number and i receive "the extension 123456 unavalaible" message from voxalot. My solution: turn off and turn on the RTP300, but it's a problem because if i dont pick up the line, maybe my did number isn't working for hours.

Any ideas.
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