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Originally Posted by ataboy View Post
Well, actually I'm on VoxLite, not VoxBasic, but what you are telling me about maintaining my id is good news. Can I just confirm the situation: if I let VoxLite expire and then order VoxPro I just pay $25, but my VSP details are still on record? Also, If I were to export my dialplans etc. before letting my account lapse, then could I import them to my new VoxPro account without having to reinstall each one manually?
Seconded! Can I get an answer to this? My account is about to expire (isn't a week rather short notice for an annual subscription that most people would forget about??) and I have exported my bits and pieces.

If I have the export, and I wait for the plan to reset back to VoxBasic, then pay for another year of VoxPro and reimport my data (using import-replace), all I have lost is the auto-registration and the passwords? (That is another matter altogether ... No idea what half those passwords are!) Is there anything else that would be missing that I should 'export' to pen/paper?
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