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Default ENUM + dial plans

> Using the #1 or #2 prefix goes out to the appropriate
> alternate provider, but ENUM never finds a match because
> the prefix characters haven't been stripped yet.
> What magic am I missing to allow selecting
> a desired provider AND still having ENUM checked?

Perhaps you could setup an additional voxalot account for each alternate provider, and then forward the modified (stripped) number to voxalot using that account.

That would do ENUM lookup on the second time around, and then go to the provider as defined in the dial plan of the additional account.

So instead of...

_1NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN} --> Provider-1 (default)
_#11NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN:2} --> Provider-2 (alternate 1)
_#21NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN:2} --> Provider-3 (alternate 2)

It would look like...

_1NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN} --> Provider-1 (default)
_#11NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN:2} -->[account2]
_#21NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN:2} -->[account3]

[voxalot account2] dialplan
_1NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN} --> Provider-2 (default)

[voxalot account3] dialplan
_1NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN} --> Provider-3 (default)
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