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Originally Posted by intika View Post
Hi every body...

i'am a new user of voxalot and i'am very happy... voxalot is very usefull !!!!!

me too i need to use an outbound proxy for my prime voip account... please do your best to add this option

is it possible to add this option only to user who need it in beta test ?

is it possible to make a dns redirection like or some thing like that or a server.... ??? to mix the inbound and outbound proxy in the same domain

... is there any configuration possible with an ata to use voxalot with a provider that need in and out proxy ?

i'am a new VoxPro user and envisaged to create a new account VoxLite/VoxPro only for the provider that need in and out proxy... but because it's not supported i'am waiting the enabeling of the option to subscribe an additional account...

thinking about diffrent voxalot accouts... is it possible to register 3 voxalot account one to register the out proxy an other for the in proxy and the last one to mix then looooooool hihihihi... is it possible ? will this work ? lol

thanks a lot for you answers...

last question
Do you think the outbound capability will be added soon?

1. There is one feature in place that may let you set this up currently:

When setting up a provider, click the Advanced Setting button on the top, you'll find two fields of interest there:

'From Domain' and 'Host'

Enter you proxy in the 'From Domain' Field and your Outbound Proxy in the 'Host' field

2. If the above doesn't work (it may show issues in some cases where you want to have the provider SIP Registered to receive calls as well) then split the setup. Create one Provider within VoXalot that just uses the PROXY value and is SIP Registered. Create a second provider entry with the same details, that uses the Outbound Proxy Value and is not SIP Registered, but used just for outgoing calls.

Curious, what is the provider you are trying to register....?

Note: Keep in mind VoXalot is designed to handle multiple providers within the same acct.., not sure that your multiple accts idea is neccessary
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