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Before trying to take their defense, you should give them a call to that number...
As stated before, when you own a business involving or expecting to involve a lot of people, you can surely buy a fake number in the country your business is situated or at least a geographical fax number.
Last but not least, it's well known that nowadays anybody can get into that voip business, the problem is that many of those small companies disappear as fast as they come with the customers credentials.
I have a business in the USA, i leave in France but i have a few pennies to spend per month on a real phone number and a real fax number.
What i'm saying is that they could be serious, my advice to them is to show people that they are that serious.
A company might be enough "rich" to buy a real phone number instead of giving people the IPKALL number from seattle area while stating that the company is in Seychelles Islands, and the IP belonging to Netherlands.
That's my point of view, but once again, maybe they are serious, the fact is that those infos create doubt...
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