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Originally Posted by bpere View Post
As my Mysipswitch account is alphanumeric, I cannot dial it directly using the Sip code for Mysipswitch, so I added aliases in both Sipbroker and in, however they all return a busy tone when I try to dial using any of the PSTN access numbers. Note that all of these calls work perfectly via SIP (either using the aliases or simply dialing the actual SIP URI).
I have a SIP Broker alias that uses a very non-numeric SIP URI to directly call my adapter (bypassing even my VoIP providers). And yet a friend of mine is able to use a local PSTN number to call me for free, using that SIP Broker alias. So SIP Broker aliases can (by design) fix the "it's not a numeric call" problem in SIP Broker.

However, in order for that to work, you have to make sure that the alias is setup correctly, and you are doing the proper SIP Broker dialing (on the PSTN call) to properly ask for using that alias. So I would suspect either a setup error (in configuring your alias), or a mistake in "dialing" when you try to use the alias from a PSTN line call. Or possibly you are calling the PSTN line from a phone that doesn't properly send the tones needed for the auto-attendant. So to look into these issues, a few questions:

Try making a SIP Broker PSTN call to *011188888 (the preset "alias" for the SIP Broker test recording). Do you hear the test server recording? If not, than the problem is that somehow the tones (to do the dialing) aren't even getting through to the auto-attendant (so no SIP Broker dialing is working). If so, you have to resolve that problem first (often the fault of the phone company you are using and/or your VoIP settings if/when you called via VoIP), before you go any further. Because if the auto-attendant can't tell what "number" you are dialing, it can't connect you to anything via SIP Broker dialing!

How is your SIP Broker alias setup? Is your SIP Broker alias setup to use the URI (where "account" is your mysipswitch account) as your SIP Broker (alias) account? If not, what did you use as your "account" in the SIP Broker alias server.

Are you using the correct dialing sequence for the alias and SIP Broker? The proper SIP Broker dialing alias dialing sequence is:
*011, country_code, "number"
i.e. If the "country" you listed in the SIP Broker's alias server setup is "USA", and your "number" was 5555551234, than to reach your alias via SIP Broker dialing (including the PSTN) you would need to enter the dialing format: *01115555551234
(replace with your alias "country code" and "number")
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