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thanks for trying to help me. I did add a dial plan (_XXX.) $(EXTEN)

i'm testing with full number 0031618648XXX (my mobile phone) and that number is correctly translated.

voipcheap is setup like this:

Provider Name =
Username = my voipcheap username
Codecs = g729;g723;g726;ilbc;gsm;ulaw;alaw
Host =
Port = 5060
Active = yes
SIP Register = no
(if unsure set to No)

Optimize Audio Path = no
(if unsure set to No)

the (working) voipcheap account in the fritzbox is setup like this

Internetrufnummer verwenden
Internettelefonie-Anbieter = andere anbieter
Internetrufnummer = 003113544xxxx

Benutzername = username voipcheap
Kennwort = password voipcheap
Kennwortbestätigung = password voipcheap
Registrar =
Proxy-Server =
STUN-Server =
Internetrufnummer für die Anmeldung verwenden
Rufnummernformat anpassen
Diese Vorwahlziffern werden der gewählten Rufnummer vorangestellt
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