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Default Canada Throttled: Bell Nexxia to throttle DSL wholesalers and all their customers

For those of you running your VoIP lines in Canada, things just got a bit tougher.

Bell has decided to throttle all third party resellers and wholesalers that use their copper to deliver DSL despite the fact that many of them provide their own bandwith.

Although P2P is currently being targetted, there is reports that the throttling uses a punish method, where any P2P traffic slows down the entire connection including wreaking havoc on VoIP lines (which may continue for as long as 6 hours after ending any P2P apps)

With Bell throttling their own Sympatico customers and third party DSL, AND Rogers Cable throttling on their end, the only two companies providing unthrottled service remain Videotron in QC and Telus in BC/Alberta....For some Canadian users this means there is no longer an unthrottled choice....


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