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Originally Posted by ramses_2th View Post
Salve ragazzi, sono arrivato in questo sito attraverso una ricerca di utilizzo del voiceIp.

Qualcuno potrebbe spiegarmi bene cosa offre Voxalot ?

utilizzo Internetcalls (voipbuster) per le telefonate uscenti, ed ho attivato un numero Skypho per le entranti. ma come posso utilizzare un solo telefono per chiamare e ricevere ?

Voxalot ha questa funzione ?

Vi ringrazio
I hope you don't mind me responding in english. Although I can read italian, my written is really bad

VoXalot will let you configure InternetCalls and VoipBuster as providers, and then you can create dial plans to choose which numbers are dialed with which provider. All these functions are Free.

To receive calls via Skypho (Eutelia), you'll need to SIP Register Skypho in VoXalot. This part is a paid function (min $15 USD/year to use this function)

Then all you do is have your ATA register with VoXalot and you can make calls with InternetCalls and VoipBuster, and receive calls with Skypho, all on the same phone.

Hope that helps.... (I suggest trying the free account and outgoing calls first)

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