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Originally Posted by All4Fun View Post
It does make things clearer but I'm thinking that folks using ENUM would only register numbers that can be reached by a VOIP line. Unless I'm missing something, using your example, what would be the value of registering your cell number in the ENUM database if you can't be reached on it?

Thinking about my scenario, I've disconnected the demarc outside of my house and running VOIP through the wires in my house. All of my phones ring when a VOIP call comes in. If I understand your example, all of my phones would continue to ring assuming that I've registered my home DID in the ENUM database. Correct?

Should I feel comfortable registering my home number out in the cloud? Are there any security/spam/telemarketer concerns I should have?
In that scenario everything will continue to work the same as it is now, except that some people doing ENUM lookups can call you for free

Remember to keep your E164 entry up-to-date if anything changes with your SIP URI...

Also if you decide to do anything fancy down the road (eg. say you upgrade to a premium acct., register your DID as a Trunk/provider in VoXalot, and decide to do Call Forwarding based on the trunk ... ENUM calls will continue to ring just to your SIP URI and may not be forwarded accordingly to the rules you set up....)

The reason for the example above is that there has been some examples of people registering Landlines or Mobiles and then being caught by surprise when only the Voip line rings (by Voip line I mean all the telephones attached/connected to a Voip device).
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