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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
There is one other issue to consider, if the callers provider does support ENum, and the receiver has registered, the call will be free, but it means it will ring on your ATA for free, not on the actual phone. What currently needs to be worked out is a way to convey to the provider doing the checkup on ENum that when someone is not answering over VoIP to aumatically try the regular route, but the regular route will not be free, and the provider of the caller needs to notify the caller of the changeover from a free call via ENum to a regular paid call over regualr routes...

Another option users have now, is to set it up so that if they don't answer over VoIP, they can forward the call via a paid calling provider to their phone, this of course means that although the call is free for the caller, the receiver pays if he wants to receive the call on his phone when away from yoru VoIP ATA...
emoci or anybody, can you help me understand this statement? If I have my analog phone connected to my PAP2, does this statement mean that my analog phone won't ring literally?
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