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Originally Posted by hddlab View Post
Hi all, I´m new here so if I´m doing something wrong just tell me.
I would like to as ask you guys 2 things, that is not clear in my mind and both are about what I can do with Voxalot.

1-You can get more free calls via ENUM

This means that I will be able to do call or to receive call?
I really would like to have more informations about this matter and if there is an complex answer in some place I will be happy to have the place and to read about.
ENum works by having a registry like When one registers there, you have the option of entering your regular Phone Number and linking it to a SIP URI (a VoIP address). So now there is a database, something like a phonebook that tells you VoIP addreses associated with regular Phone Numbers. You pay to call the numbers, but calling the VoIP addresses is free.

People that call your number from regular networks will continue to ring your phone normally and pay for the call as they always have.

Now here comes the tricky part, when someone calls your number, if the provider they are using tomake the call checks ENum before placing the calls via regular routes, they'll be routed to your SIP URI automatically.

Because at this point, the call is completely over the internet, it is free for the caller and the receiver.

However for ENum to work, users like you and me need to register and link their Phones to a SIP URI, and providers need to do ENum lookups. VoXalot is one of the providers that has the option to automatically check 4-5 ENum registries for you automatically (including and Many providers however do not yet support ENum lookups (one issue being that they make no profit from free calls)....

There is one other issue to consider, if the callers provider does support ENum, and the receiver has registered, the call will be free, but it means it will ring on your ATA for free, not on the actual phone. What currently needs to be worked out is a way to convey to the provider doing the checkup on ENum that when someone is not answering over VoIP to aumatically try the regular route, but the regular route will not be free, and the provider of the caller needs to notify the caller of the changeover from a free call via ENum to a regular paid call over regualr routes...

Another option users have now, is to set it up so that if they don't answer over VoIP, they can forward the call via a paid calling provider to their phone, this of course means that although the call is free for the caller, the receiver pays if he wants to receive the call on his phone when away from yoru VoIP ATA...

2-You can set up local Dial In numbers anywhere in the world to ring your Voxalot phone number

This means that if I have a brother in another state ( different then mine) I will be able to setup his phone number and my brother that does not have internt and live in country will be able to call my Voxalot number and that he will pay a local call?
or is something different?
This is a much easier answer..... For someone to call you form a regular phone (no internet required) there are 2 options:

1. Find a SipBroker access number that's local to your caller (SIPBroker - PSTN Numbers). After calling the local number, when asked by SipBroker your caller should enter your number/extension which is *010-[Your 6 Digit VoXalot Number]

That's all, your VoIP line should ring, you can talk

2. If you wanted to make it easier (so there is no need to enter an extension after calling the number), or if there is no local access number for the area where your caller lives, or if you just want you VoIP line to function like a normal phone line where people call a number and your phone rings:

You need to get a DID number from a provider that offers DIDs (which provider you should use depends on whether they have numbers for the area you want)

To get that DID number to ring your VoXalot account you have two options:
1. If the provider let's you forward call to your DID number to a SIP URI, then all you need to do is forward calls to (where 123456 is your VoXalot number)
2. If the provider doesn't offer this feature, you can still get the DID to ring VoXalot, but you'll need a premium VoXalot account, so that you can SIP Register with the DID provider from VoXalot

Hope that gets you started, keep in mind that the best way to understand some the stuff is to actually try it.....
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