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Default Help with 2 Voxalot features

Hi all, I´m new here so if I´m doing something wrong just tell me.
I would like to as ask you guys 2 things, that is not clear in my mind and both are about what I can do with Voxalot.

1-You can get more free calls via ENUM

This means that I will be able to do call or to receive call?
I really would like to have more informations about this matter and if there is an complex answer in some place I will be happy to have the place and to read about.

2-You can set up local Dial In numbers anywhere in the world to ring your Voxalot phone number

This means that if I have a brother in another state ( different then mine) I will be able to setup his phone number and my brother that does not have internt and live in country will be able to call my Voxalot number and that he will pay a local call?
or is something different?

Thank you very much for your time antention and help in advance.
Best regards
Jose Pinto
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