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Originally Posted by serendipitydawg View Post
Using - Keyword Search
the onscreen listing always includes (0x) then the phone number.

If I highlight, right click, select "Call via Voxalot" the brackets get stripped out but not the leading zero
Thanks for the feedback. You raise an interesting problem... for Australian numbers, if you include the area code (eg. 02), then the leading zero must be present. For example, when dialling locally, 0294811111 is valid, 94811111 is valid, but 294811111 is not.

The leading zero only gets deleted when international diallers call into Australia using our country code (eg. 61294811111).

So, for Australia users of VoxFox, I don't really want to strip the leading zero. But for international ones, I do. Hmmm...

Anyway, though, I think that some of Majo's suggestions above may help solve this dilemma.

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