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Originally Posted by ozimarco View Post
Even though I put a tick in the 'dial immediately' field, it takes me to the login page where I have to enter my number and password before the call will proceed. It would be good if this step could be by-passed.
As Majo suggested, this is because you haven't logged in. My original design for VoxFox made you enter your userid and password into the configuration popup so that I could make sure you are logged on, but then I started to think about the security implications of a) storing your voxalot password in your firefox preferences where any firefox extension can read them, and b) ensuring that the userid/password was transmitted securely over the network.

In the end, I erred on the side of caution and decided that it was safer to rely on either the user having ticked remember me, or manually having to log in.

Originally Posted by ozimarco
The problem is that I have 2 Voxalot accounts and Firefox does not know which one I want to log in to. It's probably my fault for asking FF to remember the password for both accounts. I'll have another look and see if I can undo one of these so that it'll log in automatically.
I am not sure how firefox handles the case you specify (I don't normally use the firefox password manager), but I do know that if you tick the Remember Me checkbox in Voxalot, it will just replace the existing cookie (if present). So, Voxalot only remembers the last userid that you ticked the Remember Me checkbox.

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