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I am using a regular PSTN line with a regular analog telephone. I dial the access number, and then I dial my SIP number (FWD) which my SPA 3102 registered with. The SPA 3102 answers requesting the PIN. When I key in the PIN, I receive no response. However, when I dial my IPKall number pointing to the same FWD account (and SPA 3102) I am able to key in my PIN and gain access to the PSTN line connected to my SPA 3102 and I dial regularly. Also my Line 1 is registered with a commercial VoIP provider and I also gain access normally to the PSTN line connected to SPA 3102.

The problem is with the PSTN access numbers. They block the DTMF generated by my phone number sent to my SPA 3102, or I should setup the DTMF at my SPA 3102 differently (which I don’t know what it is).
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