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Lightbulb Some Calls Never Ring Go Straight to VM


I have a minor set of related issues:

1. Calls from one VoXalot account to another ring until answered then go directly to VM. If I let it ring long enough, they will go to VM as well.

2. Calls from outside DID's pointed at go directly to VM with either no ring or one short one.

3. My enum ( records are set to forward to go the same way my DID's are going.

4. Calls to SIPBroker gateways followed by *010xxxxxx go the same way also.

I have two VSP accounts registered on my VoXalot account, calls to these DID's come straight through.

Calls to 500 (VM) and 600 (latency test) all work correctly.

Outbound calls through several suppliers work correctly.

I am using a PAP2-NA the setup of which I have checked against the ATA tutorial and all seems well.

Any good ideas?
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