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Originally Posted by Ron
It's my understanding that all ENUM checking on VoXaLot is automatic and can't be controlled by the user in any way (there shouldn't be a need for any user intervention).
Edit: The user can control the use of ENUM lookup by not presenting the dialed number in "International Format", VoXaLot may attempt to lookup the ENUM but will fail.

This is my understanding also Note: VoXaLot still looks for a free ENUM route before consulting the Dial Plan

Just to put things in context for people that are not familiar with Australian dialing rules and in the OP's case the state of New South Wales.
Country code: 61
State code: 02
International format: 612
Using PSTN a local call will begin with unknown (I will use 9 in my example)

ENUM lookup has never ben a problem for me since I use VSP's that require a standard International Format for phone numbers and I use ATA's that have dial plans. However in Australia a majority of VSP's require variations of "Local Dialing Rules", this means that the user must present the number to the VSP's as in the OP's case using Engin, numbers starting with the local number eg. 92176000 no area code or country code is required.

An ENUM lookup can easily be achieved by the OP by setting up the SPA3K's dialplan to create the dialstring using 92176000 as an example
|<9:6129>xxxxxxxS0| and then manipulating that string in the VoXaLot dial plan with ${EXTEN:3}. This will do an ENUM and in the event of failure will present the number to the OP's VSP correctly.

Originally Posted by Ron
VoXaLot will be changed shortly to do ENUM lookups on the number following Dial Plan processing, just before it would otherwise be sent to the provider.
This will cause major problems for people in the same situation as the OP. If there is no chance to change the dial string into a format that is acceptable by the VSP.

There is also a problem for people that use ATA's that do not have dial plans, where the dial string would need to be changed to International Format for an ENUM lookup and then back to an acceptable format for the VSP
Refer How to setup a dial plan

Perhaps the provider section needs to have a options where the user can setup how the VSP expects the numbers to be presented and then based on the dial pattern VoXaLot could handle the whole thing transparently.
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