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Originally Posted by Mallycat
Do you know where I could get step by step instructions to set up the DNS settings at
Is this what you are looking for?

In any event, the idea is to:

1) Create an account (the free no-ip accounts are fine for this).

2) Add at least one "host" to that account. i.e. make sure you give yourself at least one DNS address.

3) Download and run the free "update" client on any PC on your LAN. This will make sure that your router's IP address is always know (or at least know within a few minutes, each time it changes).

4) Use your dynamic DNS entry as the part after the "@" when having others call you. For example, if you grab "Mallycat" as the "host" (assuming that isn't already taken at, and choose "" (from their list) as your "domain", then your dynamic (to your adapter) SIP URI is: (where "userid" is whatever you have in the "Line 1" userid field on your VoIP adapter, in your case likely the "userid" you are using with Engin).

Remember, only gives you DNS "A" records, and some VoIP proxies expect "SRV" records. Which is why I recommend you only use this SIP URI with services (such as Voxalot) that understand both types of records. But as soon as you have this working with Voxalot forwarding (so that Voxalot calling will ring your adapter), you can forward other VoIP proxies/accounts (that need the SRV records) to your Voxalot account, to get around that DNS limitation...
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