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Originally Posted by Mallycat
1) use all the ENUM options available for me so I get maximum free calls. I assume I just route all calls (except those that I want to use PSTN) to Voxalot and then set up a dial plan that routes the unmatched ENUM numbers through Engin.
Sounds plausable. However, I haven't yet played with the Voxalot "dial plans" as much as some of the other Voxalot folks. So I'm the wrong person to ask as to what syntax to use to try ENUM first, and then use "Engin" (your main provider) when the match fails.

Martin? Could you please explain how to setup a Voxalot dial plan to check ENUM first (on all Voxalot calls), and then use the user's provider of choice (in this case Engin) as a "fallback"?

Originally Posted by Mallycat
2) Overcome the issue where Engin wont accept inbound SIP calls to my number. So what is the configuration approach I should take to overcome this?
The "tricky part" is that you will probably want to be "registered" with "Engin" to accept inbound Engin calls (from your Engin DID). And the SPA-3000 only allows one "registered" VoIP provider at a time. So if you are "registered" to "Engin", you can't also be "registered" to Voxalot. And "registering" with Voxalot is the easiest way to accept inbound Voxalot calls.

Does Engin allow "forwarding" of your calls to a "SIP URI" (for example, can you forward your Engin calls to: with Engin)? If so, the easiest way to setup this is:

1) Forward your Engin account to your Voxalot account (i.e.

2) Move Engin to a "gateway" on your SPA-3000, to allow you to call out via Engin directly (when you want to).

3) Put your Voxalot account on your main "Line 1" settings on your SPA-3000.

4) Point your ENUM entry to, so that others can call you "for free".

This should make Voxalot your main "registered" VoIP provider. And since its your main provider, you should be able to get (and make) Voxalot calls (including Voxalot SIP URI calls, directly). And because you forwarded your Engin account to Voxalot's SIP URI, you should be able to receive those calls as well. And for making Engin calls, you can either use your "gateway", or use Engin via a "provider" and "dail plan" on Voxalot.

i.e. this should give you everything. But it will ONLY work, if Engin allows you to "forward" to a SIP URI (otherwise, you will lose the ability to receive Engin inbound calls with this approach). Which brings us to "plan B" (below):

Originally Posted by Mallycat
Have you actually done this and got it to work? I tried to do it 'quickly' last weekend and the whole thing stopped working. Just want to check before I do it again.
Inbound directly to an SPA-3000 ( ) do work if you get everything right, but they can be a PITA to do! I know, as I use that approach as my primary way to add additional inbound calls on my line! And remember, with this approach you have to get ALL of the pieces (your VoIP adapter settings, you dynamic DNS service INCLUDING a PC on your LAN doing the "auto update" of your dynamic DNS record, AND your router settings including proper "forwarding" of any needed ports to your SPA-3000) correct, or it won't work! That's why this is an "advanced trick" that is a PITA to setup. But sometimes that "advanced trick" is the only way to cram an extra inbound VoIP account (or ten) onto a SPA-3000!

NOTE: With some routers you only have to forward the SIP port (udp 5060), but some routers require you to also forward the RTP ports (with a SPA-3000 this defaults to the range udp 16384 - 16482, but can be changed on the "SIP" tab of the adapter) as well. In fact, the better (more restrictive) the router's "firewall", the more likely that you will have to forward the RTP port range.

NOTE: Due to the difference between DNS "A" records (what most dynamic DNS services use) and DNS "SRV" records (what some SIP proxies expect, even though many (including Voxalot, IPKall, and SIP Broker) are happy with also using "A" records), you probably still want to use a service (for example Voxalot) that understands both types of DNS records as an intermediary. For example, if your Engin userid (registered on your "Line 1" of your SPA-3000) is "myacct", and your dynamic DNS "domain" turns out to be "", than you would just: A) Set up your "default" forwarding (in Voxalot) to "", and then just give out "" as your SIP URI to be called. And in that case, you would also list "" as the target for you ENUM entry as well. Of course, all this assumes you already have the correct SPA-3000, router, and Dynamic DNS settings already working. Which is why this "trick" is a PITA to use, but it works great once you finally get all the pieces in place...

FYI: My Voxalot number is forwarded directly to my "direct to my adapter" dynamic DNS SIP URI. And I just used "Web call" to verify that calls to my "Voxalot" number do in fact call my phone! So I know that you can use Voxalot like this (i.e. put your "dynamic DNS SIP URI" as the forwarding location for Voxalot, and thereby receive Voxalot calls, as well as any calls routed via Voxalot's proxy)!

BTW: A good way to test if "inbound calls" (to your adapter) are working is "Web Call". Just try calling your Voxalot number at provider "VoXalot" and then some decent "recording" (for example *011188888 at provider "SIP Broker") as your target. If the inbound calls are setup correctly, your VoIP phone will ring, and when you answer you will hear the recording from the other leg of "Web Call")!
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