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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
When you have VoXaLot register with Vbuzzer, are you first stopping your ATA from registering with Vbuzzer and waiting at least the registration expiry time (typically 60 minutes) before you decide if incoming calls are working though VoXaLot? You cannot have your ATA and VoXaLot registering with Vbuzzer at the same time. When you change registrations, it may take some time for the old registration to expire before the new one will be accepted.

I disconnect my ATA with vbuzzer for a long time(months ago) as I use it with voxalot to use other VSPs. I try several times these days. As soon as I register vbuzzer through voxalot, my call in # disable immediately(there is a recording say "this number is not in service" from the land line phone company). After I disregister it in voxalot, my call in # works again (I could leave a message in that call in # voice mail). So my vbuzzer call in # is useless now.

Is there anyone use voxalot for vbuzzer call in success?
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