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Default ENUM + Dial Plans

It appears that ENUM (and SipBroker) screening occurs before dial plans are tested for a match. For a simple scenario of one provider and a dial plan of _1NXXNXXXXXX assigned to that provider, all works well.

I have more than one provider and would like a way to specify an alternate provider at the time I'm placing a call. My initial thought was to set up the following dial plans:

_1NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN} --> Provider-1 (default)
_#11NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN:2} --> Provider-2 (alternate 1)
_#21NXXNXXXXXX ${EXTEN:2} --> Provider-3 (alternate 2)

Using these three dial plans, normal dialing (1 + AreaCode + Number) gets ENUM checked and goes off to Provider-1 if ENUM didn't find a match.

Using the #1 or #2 prefix goes out to the appropriate alternate provider, but ENUM never finds a match because the prefix characters haven't been stripped yet.

What magic am I missing to allow selecting a desired provider AND still having ENUM checked?
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