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Originally Posted by All4Fun View Post
emoci or anybody, can you help me understand this statement? If I have my analog phone connected to my PAP2, does this statement mean that my analog phone won't ring literally?
The best way to illustrate what I meant is with this example:

-I have a cellphone with number 14162223333
-I add the number 14162223333 to the E164 database
-I tell that whenever someone looks up the database for the number the associated SIP URI is
-Someone calls 14162223333 using a provider with ENUM support, as a result the line that will ring is my Voip line (the one configured with VoXalot), but my cellphone won't ring in this scenario

For some people this aspect of ENUM, the idea that a call meant for the cellphone will ring the Voip line but not the cell itself is new...

Surely you can make arrangements that when you're not close to your Voip line ... to have that line forward calls to the cell (but then you'll pay for the forwarding)

I hope that's a bit clearer...
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