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Question Settings - Dial Plans, Registration Timeout and Netgear WGR615V

I've recently aquired a Netgear WGR615V wireless VOIP router.

In configuring for VOXALOT I seem to be having a problem in finding the correct and/or optimum setting for the SIP registration.

Looking at the tutorial I see a 900 seconds, thats way too long as calls end up in voice mail. I tried 600 from a thread here, still too long, calls in voice mail... I put in a 300 and that seems to be better, but its still loosing registration and calls go to voice mail.... If I unregister and re-register the provider things are back to ringing the phone.

So what is the CORRECT and/or OPTIMUM SIP Registration Timeout and SIP Registration Head Start Settings for VOXALOT??

Next Dial Plans....I reviewed the "tutorial" on them here and it was not very helpful.

The WGR615V has NO UNIT dial plan settings. I dial 500 to get VM not *500.

What I am looking for is help with dial plans to send calls to FWD,, VBuzzer (internal numbers), voipuser to route the SIP internal numbers that route for free to each of these providers.

Sorting this all out will need to be done by the dial plans at voxalot.

Is there a better tutorial that can help with this as the present one just doesn't sink in it just starts to read like wahahah whaahahahaha like on Charlie Brown.

So I can dial someting like *2 and what ever after gets sent to FWD, and *3 gets sent to sipgate, etc.. I am only talking about the free VOIP calls that each allows. No outbound PTSN calls will be made.

Hints, pointers, tutorials, online testers???

Thanks in advance.
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