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Default SPA3000 Dial Plan where Voxalot as a gateway

just wondering if anyone have done testing when setting up voxalot as a SPA3000 gateway in line 1?
i have tested the whole day today and can't make it work??
when i setup voxalot account say on Gateway 1, i have added the simple dial plan in the spa, <#1,:>[x*][x*].<:@gw1>, means when i dial #1 on the keypad it will go through voxalot.
i have tested if calling any of the voxalot extension, voicemail is all ok.

But ... when i call the outgoing calls, e.g. a australian number, i just keep hearing "your call cannot be connect ...".

For your info, i have also setup the dial plan in the voxalot dial plan, ie _XXX. ${EXTEN} where all calls to voipdiscount.

when i was testing, i rang the prefix as #1 then 006129800xxxx ... it just doesn't work. is anyone can enlighten me, where have i done wrong. thanks heaps.
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