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Originally Posted by 836011

first of all, thank you for your great work! The account works fine and I do appreciate it, that the phone on my Fritz!Box shows the number of the (voxalot-) user calling instead of "unknown number" which is shown by most of the other accounts i know.

One single thing isn't the way I'd like it. Very often the massage led on my phone is turning on indicating a waiting voice mail. I personally am not interested in this feature and the indication is nasty. Therefore my question: is it possible to disable voice mail at all? I wasn't able to change the settings of my Fritz!Box or my phone to get rid of it.


What u could do is the following. Record a message that is saying something like this:"This is the voicemail of ..... Please hang the phone up right now if you don't want to leave a message. Else please leave a message after the beep.. Then users who don't want to leave voicemail will hang up. The other users who wan't to use voicemail want to tell you something so the led is important :P I think
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