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Hi Jorge,
thx a lot for the info about EasyPABX.
I discover this new world of PABX and all the vocabulary ....DDI, DISA, LCR etc ...
I configure all that stuff

1- I configure 2 Direct Dial In (DDI) number (user/pwd/sipserver) in easypabx for 2 providers (A=voxalot and B=voipstunt in my case) extension 1000 for this 2 numbers. My understanding is that easypabx "simulate" 2 ata hardware for each provider.

2- Create Least Cost Routing (LCR) to A

3- And create a DISA to the extension 1000, with a PIN number, to my LCR A

AND the result .... it works !!!!

With a PSTN, I call a local access number in my area (SipBroker), then dial *010XXXXXX (where XXXXXX is my voxalot number - provider A), then my PIN number in easypabx, and finally my PSTN outbound number (charged on my provider B account ... voipstunt in my case)

It works, but the sound quality is lesser compared to web callback available on the voipstunt site. Any idea why ? Conversion analogToDigital on voxalot proxy ? Codec used ?
But, when all the stuff is configured, i don't need internet connexion to initate the call ....

I can now set the pre-dial number in grandma's phone !!!!!

(Redit: the easypabx seems to need 5-10 mn to see that my DDI is OK : clic the small icone "Registration status" in the DDI panel)

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