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What about EasyPABX? (edit: when I posted this, I had not actually tried. But now I did and it really works, although sometimes my password was appearently not saved)
In this scenario NO ONE have an hardware ATA.
In this scenario no broadband internet, website portals or ATA would be involved:

In EasyPABX you configure two DDIs, one of which is a local DID (or a Voxalot account) used for incoming calls, pointing to a DISA extension in which you get a second dial tone after entering a PIN number. Your call is then routed to a LCR which uses the other DDI which is your outbound provider (Voipbuster, Wengo...).
1- Can a Person A call a local Access Number in his country A (for exemple an acces number in Canada-Quebec city)
If your inbound DDI is your Voxalot number, then it should be callable via SIP Broker. Otherwise you can get your own DID.
3- ENTER USERNAME/PASSWORD of a VOIP provider (for example Wengo, VoipStunt) AND the PSTN phone number of the person B
I guess you cannot do that, but you can set your own password and easypabx will keep your provider settings.
DISA is a function that will give the caller a new dial tone and allow them to dial a new number.

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