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I am new to VOIP, and would like to clarify my understanding on enum and other voxalot features:

a. For enum:
I had registered my PSTN number (yyyyy) with (xxxxx is my userid, and can be reached with a softphone) with

2.For normal standard call to yyyyy from a phone (without ATA), this standard call is only handled by the existing telephone network, is it correct? And standard phone charges applies.

3.For normal standard call to yyyyy from a phone (with ATA configured to Voxalot), this standard call will through Voxalot seeking for yyyyy corresponding SIP address in, and if found, Voxalot will route this call as VOIP. And this call becomes free.

4.If most of my friends have no ATA and my home country has no local address number, my friends will still be charged for making the calls (for they will probably will simply just pick up the phone and call, even though I had registered my phone number with

5. If my friends call me via the internet via a softphone (example X-Lite), if he dial (*010xxxxx), he will not be charged (if he is a member of any voice service providers who are members of Can my friends call me with my regular phone number (00zzwwwwwwww) on their softphone, and the call routed via VOIP and thus no charge?

6. I had tried calling (00zzwwwwwwww) on my softphone, however it didn't transfer the call to my sip id *010xxxxx, and my real mobile phone always ring.

7. Possible that the DNS for ENUM MAPPING need more time to propogate my ENUM, (I had successfully registered in about 6hours ago)?

1. How can I configure such that if my was offline, the call will be routed to my standard phone?

2. I had registered AAAAAAAA as one of my VOICE SERVICE PROVIDER, in adding new smart call, there are additional options, VOXALOT and SIPBROKER, how different my call will be if I select VOXALOT or SIPBROKER to handle my call?

3. How VOXALOT can help me to make Smart Calls (balancing call quality and costs)? If I had registered AAAA and BBBB as my registered VOICE SERVICE PROVIDER, VOXALOT has had internal logic to help me to decide if my call should be better handled by AAAA or BBBB? (Thats if I select VOXALOT or SIPBROKER to hander my call under the SMART CALL?)

a. If my priority 1 is transfer all calls to voice box during 0800h to 1900h.
b. And my priority 2 is transfer all calls to my VOXALOT NUMBER during 0800h to 2100h.
c. If someone call me on 1200h, he will be transferred to my VOICE BOX.
d. If someone call me on 2000h, he will be transfer to my VOXALOT NUMBER?
e. If someone call me on 2300h, where the call be transferred to?

a. DISPLAY NAME can only be shown on SOFTPHONE?
b. DISPLAY NAME (or CALLERID) can never be able to shown on normal PHONE (even if the call was routed via VOIP).
c. Possible to set CONNECTION RULES using DISPLAY NAME (in VOXALOT)?

a. All VOICE SERVICE PROVIDERS charge 0 cents if the CALLS was routed to another SIP DEVICE (non landmine lines)?
b. If a VOICE SERVICE PROVIDER ZZZ was not a member in SIPBROKER, can ZZZ transfer his call to a member of SIPBROKER?

Thanks in advance, please excuse me if I my questions look 'commonsense' to many.
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