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Originally Posted by kurun View Post
For the record, I have tested a Sipgate account in Voxalot and it does register.

The settings I am using are the following :

Provider Name : Sipgate (Any choice)
User Name : Account No (7 digits, not the PSTN DID number)
Codecs : Leave default or your preference (Eg. ulaw;alaw;g729;gsm)
Host :
Port : 5060
Active ; Yes
SIP register : Yes
Optimize Audio Path : No

I have not tested a DID number with this Sipgate account.
So I've just tried again and used the same settings as you.

On the voxalot - Voice Services provider page it went from
"Pending" to "Request Sent" after about 5 minutes and hasn't changed in the past 20 minutes.
On the sipgate website it says offline

Any thoughts?

As a side note the callcentric account which appears to be working correctly has a "-" under Reg. Status, is that normal when SIP register is set to "Yes"?

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