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Default FeatureReq: Password authenticated outbound gateway (eg. via SIPbroker)

Betamax has a nice feature with their services, where I may call a special number from my mobile phone, and it will use the CLID and use my account, allowing me to make similarly discounted calls via my mobile. This is the primary method I use to make international calls when not at home, as work can pay for the local call (no intl or roaming on my mobile), then I pay for the international segment. But obviously they don't have dialin numbers in all countries, and sometimes I may wish to call from a landline (without Caller ID).

It would be nice if Voxalot had a special SIP number that one could call, login using ph# and PIN, and then be able to make a call via the Voxalot service as if they had just picked up the phone. A little cumbersome, yes, but very useful, especially when travelling.
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