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The "-" sign usually means that the provider is not registered. It happens when you select "no" in the registration option on the VSP configuration settings or if you have reached the number of registrations allowed by your account.
But, if:
  1. You have not reached the maximum number of VSP registrations on your account;
  2. You are able to register other VSP but with this one you have this strange response on the VSP registration status;
  3. For sanity check, you have tried to delete all your configurations and after some time of delay (more than one hour because the default registration time is usually 3600 seconds), you have configured it all again;
  4. And still you have the "-" sign on your registration status;
Then I think that the reason for the "-" sign, instead of the "registration failed" on the VSP status page, is due to some kind of different answer to the sip registration dialogue by your VSP. Only looking to the server side logs it's possible to know exactly the reason. But, in the mean time, I suspect, in 99,9999...%, that the problem should be with the VSP if all the above checks were made. Some times we do stupid things in the configuration settings... I've done it, so no one is above error possibility. But if all is right, then the problem is almost certainly on the VSP side. In this case I suspect that this kind of answer can be triggered by some kind of "no answer" response. Usually when you see "registration failed" it means that the user name and password are not known by the VSP. So only looking and debugging voxalot server logs we can know exactly what is happening. But the general reason for failing registration is on the VSP side (that means that they are not complaining with standards).

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