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Thank you John.

First let me add to my earlier posting that I did not know that SIPbroker is part of the effort made by Voxalot's team. The PSTN access numbers are beyond any belief. Thank you again folks.

Three things I noticed when using the SIP Broker PSTN access numbers. The sound in the Washington DC has a high base. In other words the sound is not crisp. I am not complaining but it is just a remark.

The quality of the Toronto access number is not reliable at all. I understand that these numbers are contribution from various providers.

When using the PSTN access numbers I end up unable to access my PSTN line connected to my SPA 3102. There is a problem with the DTMF. I don't know how to fix it because it works perfectly when I access it directly or through IPKall.

Provider registrations, Web/Mobile mobile callback, Call Forwarding and a new support ticketing system will only be available to premium members.
Back to the original subject, let us wait for the announcement. By the way what is "Provider registrations"?
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