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See response to your questions below.

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The more I go deep into Voxalot the more I get impressed. In my opinion it is too good to be true. One of the great features is the “Providers” in which you can collect all your SIP and VoIP accounts in one Voxalot account. I have one SPA 3102 that provides 1 SIP account for incoming calls. I was thinking of buying another SPA (2102 or 3102) to be able to register more than one account. The “Providers” feature solved this problem for me. I am asking everyone now to start calling me on my Voxalot SIP number. So I did not test the quality of calls should I receive a call from another SIP account. I also did not try it for outgoing calls. The only risk I am worried about is if Voxalot is done for whatever reason, all my other accounts (including paid ones) are also down. Nevertheless I have to admit that I am very impressed with the effort being made by Voxalot team.

This open the door for many questions that I did not answers to at Voxalot website.

1) Who is behind Voxalot? In the world of free economy nothing for free. Who is behind all this effort?
Voxalot has been developed by HA Enterprises a specialty IT services firm in Sydney, Australia founded by x-IBM Consultants. The team developed and built sip broker and Voxalot over a period of a couple of years and are continuing to improve the service and provide support via the forums to the member base. Forum support is also provided with help from volunteer moderators, whom we are very great full to for their time and efforts.

Originally Posted by yfm View Post

2) How does Voxalot recover costs? Is this a commercial activity in a beta (soft) opening that later will charge for its service?
Currently Voxalot is not recovering its costs, it has been self funded to date. Yes the service is a commercial business and as mentioned previously in this forum, Voxalot will be launching a premium service which will bundle some of the current advanced functions for members who pay an annual subscription fee. However, the basic Voxalot service will remain free. The launch of the premium service is a few weeks away.

Originally Posted by yfm View Post

3) Does Voxalot offer directly (or through a third party) outgoing calls service so I can dial out PSTN numbers? If so what is the website for it? I am using the “Providers” feature to do this right now.
No - Voxalot does not offer directly or indirectly outgoing calls services to PSTN or mobile numbers. This is provided by Voice Service Providers in various countries as you have discovered in the Global Provider Index. This is an excellent source for both Voxalot members and the VoIP community at large to compare, rate and add VoIP providers based on their own experience with the specific services.

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