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Originally Posted by bdlhome View Post
That is exactly what it did for me but it doesn't fill me with confidence, there is know way of knowing without making a test call.

There is a way to check on the CallCentric end, you'll find it reports as Registered on their end....all that said, from the thread I pointed you to, you can skip SIP Registering CallCentric altogether, since their Call Treatments allow you to send calls via SIP URI directly to VoXalot (hence you can save that registration slot on VoXalot for something else)

As for SipGate ... it is a known anomaly, however what's more important to you about SipGate, your DID with them, or the ability to make calls out (make outgoing calls should work without needing to register)

As for the DID, where is it based, there is a good chance you can grab a similar one from another provider...
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