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Originally Posted by kurun View Post
For the record, I have tested a Sipgate account in Voxalot and it does register.
That's good to hear. If it works the same for Brian, he should be back to "Plan A" (connect all the providers to his VoXaLot account, register his SPA-3000 with VoXaLot, and be happy).

NOTE to Brian:
Another thought occurred to me. When you ran your previous test, did you make sure to disconnect your SPA-3000 from registering with sipgate a number of minutes before trying to have your VoXaLot account register with sipgate? If not, than that is likely your problem, as many VoIP providers will only let one "VoIP device" at a time "register" with them, and in this respect both you SPA-3000 and your VoXaLot account would be considered VoIP devices trying to register with your sipgate account...

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