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Default Outgoing calls to PSTN drops after several seconds when using alternative ports only

Hi All

I was helping friend configure his eyeBeam on a network where he does not have control of the router and he is having outbound call dropping issues and incoming one-way audio issues.

Here is the interesting part.

1. Outbound calls DO NOT drop if his proxy is set to port 5060.
2. Outbound calls DROP after 30 to 60 secons if his proxy is set to 2060, 3060, 4060, 443 or 80.

Inbound calls get one-way audio when eyeBeam proxy is set to 5060 (can hear remote caller, but they cannot her my friend). It is because of this problem I tried to use the alternative proxy ports.

Proxy ports 2060, 3060, 4060, 443 and 80 all result in FULL TWO WAY AUDIO for incoming calls via DID number ;-), but as I mentioned above, outbound calls drop after 30 to 60 seconds.

Anyhow seen this type of problem before? Know what's causing it and have a possible solution?

Thanks in advance

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