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Default illimited incoming outgoing call


I am a newbie and lives in france.

the aim of voxalot using forwarding call is to be able to make international call so peole pay the local price twice ( in my case in france and canada).

All French people have illimited call plan for cheap price for calling international local number phone ( 30 euro/month include gsm call and adsl ) . pay for incoming call in france don't exist ( except when we explicit want that the people to reach ll pay the communication .

In canada it seem differents because incoming call ( only international , i don't think local-country with mobile or pstn) have to be paid ( this not occurs if an option is take for illimited international incoming call) .

So is there a canadian voip service provider that include illimited calll without add charge for incoming or outgoing call) . I don't want the person i call pay something ( be charged ) . I want that my call in france is see as a local call in canada and not as an international one even i call to pstn phone or mobile phone in canada.
Do you know any providers which offer this with a local pstn geographical number ( Local Access Numbers for outgoing/incoming call )?
does this canadian provider accept foreign subscription ?
Sorry for my bad english

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