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I have now done some testing here, and it does seem that the main "issue" is about whether i forward to or just

EziDial calls my up just fine and it works as expected and it doesnt matter if i use the cellphone client or client in the computer. redirects just fine if i make it redirect to And, well, now i didnt try with the one but i figure it will work aswell, will try that later..

2 things to notice, it didnt matter whether or not i had a stunserver put in in my cellphone client, all went with no issues without aswell as with it. However, enabling NAT in the advanced settings for the 3CXPhone client _will_ make it not work. ie no sound.

Might be worth noting, specially if ones uses 3CXPhone.. I am not sure of, what that settings does, all i do know, is that it makes it not work. Please observe, that this does NOT go for the 3CXPhone software for windows, as it does not have the same settings.

The 3CXPhone for Windows, works pretty much straight as it is. I will see if i can write up a small guide on how-to configure atleast theese 2 clients for use with voxalot

I didnt change any NAT settings for this "trial and error run", apparently, it worked anyway

To sum it up, what seems too have been or is, the issue, is whether ones forward calls to or xxxxxx@{us,eu,au}

However, i did have no problems initiating a call myself, using my client to dial

Now, all is well and it seems to work, and I am one very happy user now \o/

Thanks alot SIP Gurus

(altough, i still dont get the "issue" with us,eu,au or not when calling to voxalot.. Who does the SRV lookups when dialing "manually"? dialer or operator? In the later case, there is no reason why a forward directly should not work.. In the first case, im surprised it works at all (for me) as i do have SRV lookup issues..)

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