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Default Voxalot routing & forwarding from other voip.


As voxalot does not seem to work with video, i can not solely rely on voxalot for my needs.

However, I am having problems forwarding calls from to my voxalot. I can call from my sip2sip to my voxalot, and it rings. And other way around works to, calling voxalot > sip2sip.

I have sucessfully called my and it did forward correctly to my voxalot, 2 or 3 times atleast..

I am currently using the eu cluster, but i have reasons to belive it doesnt work as intended..

I read somewhere, that when using sipbroker, it shouldnt matter if ones used *010 or *031 *0xx (dont remeber the au one).. All i can say, is that it does matter. Using *010 when connected to eu cluster wont work, 031 does.

Can you please verify, that all routing whether internal or external actually do work as intended?

The other day for example, i couldnt connect to eu cluster, but i could connect to us cluster, now, i cant connect to us cluster but i can connect to eu cluster.. I did never change my preffered cluster (eu) on homepage though..

Other than the tiny issues i am having, voxalot works great and i am actually quite surprised of the functionality ones do get from just a basic account. If it wouldnt for the video part, I myself, would not have to use any other provider.

Are you planning on supporting video either directly, or by the use of "external" providers? Either as part of basic or as upgraded account, or maybee a "addon subscription" or something. This, and xcap (server stored adress books).

Okey, Now i am going OT in my own topic :/ *slaps himself*

Let's deal with the routing issues first shall we? xD

Contact me, by either PM or by using my subscribed email. I would prefer email actually, as i check that alot more often..

Cheers from Sweden.

My Device: SE XPERIA X10 mini pro.
3cx phone (avaible from market) Works great, most stable client.
imsdroid (not avaible from market) Works okey.
uwho dialer (avaible from market) Somewhat works. (built on sipdroid)
sipdroid (avaible from market) Does NOT work or works really BAD. Beware!

Theese, are my experiences using SIP on my android phone. As my phone, does not have a camera, i dont really need a client what supports that so for me, 3cx client is indeed the best choice. (err, ofcourse my phone has a camera.. on the _back_ )
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