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Originally Posted by tch View Post
I've installed a few single line setups with the PAP2t.
Now, I've got a challenge.
I've got a trailer job site that needs 16 phones.
I've considered setting up an IP/PBX such as 3CX, but not right now.
Can someone please recommend the simplest way to get 16 lines going with each with their own number, able to call in and out.
I've read some people using 2 different ports (5060, 5061) per ATA to make it work with same provider.
Can I order 16 numbers and expect to use them with 8 ATA's?, 2 lines per ATA?
With same provider?
It comes down to...which DID provider are you using... how much Incoming/Outgoing are you expecting on average...?

My first suggestion would be for something that borders individual+business use at the same time...
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