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Default UK Toll free, may be possible via Free World Dialup.

Originally Posted by jgxenite View Post
I was just wondering if there are any plans for allowing calls to free phone (aka toll free) numbers in the UK (0500, 0800, 0808)?
I don't know if SIP Broker (or VoXaLot) itself is planning on UK toll free calling (probably depends upon if/when some UK provider wants to offer that service to SIP Broker). However, in the mean time, Free World Dialup (provider code *393 from SIP Broker) does offer UK toll free dialout service:
FWD toll free info

So in theory at least (I don't know any UK toll free numbers to test this against), you should be able to dial UK toll free numbers (from VoXaLot, SIPBroker, or the SIPBroker PSTN numbers), by first dialing *393 and then dialing the FWD code for a toll free UK number.

NOTE: Don't forget that FWD's toll free dialing also starts with the *-key. Which means that if/when you use your own adapter to dial this sequence, you would have to make sure that you can enter the *-key also in the MIDDLE of your dialing (as * is a special dialing key for both SIP Broker and for Free World Dialup, and you would need to use it in both places to dial: SIP Broker => FWD => UK toll free ). And "by default" most VoIP adapters won't let you use the *-key anywhere other than the first character. So you might want to check your VoIP adapter's configuration before trying this (for example, LinkSys/Sipura adapters need their "Dial Plan" customized before this sort of dialing will work)...
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